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10' X 20' 4' Tall Welded Wire Kennel (Ultimate)

10' X 20' 4' Tall Welded Wire Kennel (Ultimate)
  • 10' X 20' 4' Tall Welded Wire Kennel (Ultimate)
  • 10' X 20' 4' Tall Welded Wire Kennel (Ultimate)
  • 10' X 20' 4' Tall Welded Wire Kennel (Ultimate)
  • 10' X 20' 4' Tall Welded Wire Kennel (Ultimate)
(1) 5' Gate Panel
(11) 5' Panels
(4) 4 PRO Digging Prevention Bars
(150) Flooring Tiles 10' X 15'                   
(46) Edge Tiles
(4) Corner Tiles
(1) Kennel Mounted Swivel Bowl Set
(1) Dog Septic System
(1) 10' X 10' Tarp Cover W/Frame Bars
(1) Dog Waste Scooper
Some reasons why you might want to consider buying a 4’ high kennel. You might have a smaller dog and do not need a taller kennel and thus not having to pay for something taller than you actually need. Space restrictions will enable you to place it under a porch, carport or garage that will not accommodate a traditional 6’ tall kennel. Home owners association might limit you on how tall you can have a kennel in your back yard. You might want to move it around the yard or take it on vacation making it easy to transport. If you are worried about your dogs jumping or climbing out, our 4’ tall dog runs come with an optional cover. This cover not only keeps your pet in but the weather and predators out.
Our 4’ Tall Modular Panels are pre-fabricated, making set-up quick and easy with just a few tools. The modular design provides extra versatility for customizing your layout. Provide your pet and companion with plenty of exercise space using our panels & gates. Simply stand panels upright in desired configuration and bolt together using our simple clamp system. 2" x 4" (mesh size) 8-gauge mesh is welded directly in the center of our 100% commercial grade tubular steel frame, this allows you to reverse the gate panel so it will open any direction you would like it too. Our panels are fully welded, no loose parts. Square corner design further safeguards your pet from injury. 1" legs on each panel allow kennel installations to be easily cleaned. Two clamps w/ nuts and bolts per panel are supplied for connecting panels together. Exposed tubing on top of kennel are equipped with pipe plugs. Panels ship by common carrier (large truck). Product carries a one year warranty against manufacturer's defects.
Tons of ways to set it up both indoor and outdoor. Quality constructed with simple assembly instructions will set up in minutes. Affordable pricing compared to a taller more traditional kennel. Have peace of mind to contain your pet within the enclosure. You can add more panels together to cover a larger area.



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